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Johannes Legacy: Generation 2.7

Last time: Amalthea finally found love with Vasyl after about a million bad or otherwise unsuitable dates (read: Prince).

Amalthea's dates continuously steal the Johannes' newspaper. On the bright side, now no one has to worry about recycling them!

They also like to kick over the trashcan. Somewhere in Legacyville, Marcos is pleased.

Meanwhile, Amalthea continues to be awesome, and maxes out yet another skill.

Essentially, life in the Johannes home is the same as ever.

Like her mother before her, Amalthea's engagement occurs in the downstairs bathroom.

Evangeline's time came out of nowhere! (seriously, I had no idea she was that far into elderhood).

RIP, dear Founder.

Vasyl and Amalthea drown their sorrow in Woohoo.

They really are pretty darling.

Obligatory wedding photo. Where are the guests? the bar.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds (joined by Adrian and Marcos) engage in a rousing game of kickybag.

Then Amalthea goes to work and Vasyl goes on the honeymoon solo.

As soon as he got back, he rolled the want to change into formalwear.

And as soon as SHE got back, Amalthea had fulfilled her LTW, further proving her overachiever status (seriously, this is maybe a week into adulthood).

Here's her next LTW, though. I don't know if that'll happen, but hey, she's probably got a good head start thanks to all the matchmaker fails!

In celebration—and followed by a lullaby! Here comes generation two!

Adrian is still really depressed about Evangeline. He can't even get through cooking a meal without sobbing.

I hope it's the pregnancy that's making her hallucinate.

I also hope it's the pregancy making her do things like serve meals and complain about hunger.

I'm surprised the little neat freak didn't scour that bathrub before getting in.

This was supposed to be the picture of first pop, but apparently I missed. Instead, have a lovely picture of Amalthea's crotch.

Adrian has taken to playing drums almost constantly. Whatever takes the pain away, my friend.

Gunnar: Oh hello, I'm just passing by, not coming to steal your paper or knock over your trash, just a friendly visit, yep.
Vasyl: Who is this guy?

Not another one.

Amalthea replants the garden...

...and the paperboy stares vacantly at her butt. She's taken and you're too young, kid.

Apparently it's taken them until now to be best friends. Who knew?

Looking for the newspaper, Gunnar? Huh? Know why it's not there? BECAUSE YOU ALREADY TOOK IT.

I thought this was the end of Adrian, but luckily he survived.

And as a result, I got to see just how funny it looks that the sideburns don't get burned. Hee.

Amalthea: Hey Vasyl, one time there was this cheerleader!
Vasyl: Ohmygod! ...wait, is that it?
(it was)

One morning, while making an omelette...
Amalthea: Hey! Hey! Over here!

Amalthea: (groan, flop)


Then Vasyl for some reason just DIDN'T PLEAD.

Oh heck.


Next time: What now?
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