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Johannes Legacy: Generation 2.8

Previously: Evangeline died, Amalthea and Vasyl got married, pregancy ensued, and then Amalthea dropped dead out of nowhere. LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED.

Here's an update on the state of the household since Amalthea kicked it:

Vasyl is weepy. Very very weepy.

Adrian is a total mess (and really, can you blame him? He lost his wife and his daughter AND future grandchild.

Adrian invites Emilia over, and apparently takes great enjoyment in gossipping about her boyfriend's existence.

Then he asks her to move in, since she's a university graduate and therefore has potential access to the paranormal career (and as such, the Resurrect-o-Nomitron!). Currently she's in the musician track, so it's just a waiting game until the right job is available.

And wait they do. Life returns to somewhat normalcy. Emilia cleans obsessively.

Adrian works in the garden Amalthea started (D: D: D:).

Adrian also befriends Grace, an elder dog who is adopted into the family because it seemed like he needed something to love D:

Emilia trains her to do some tricks and stuff.

Grace is pretty cute. She definitely won me over quickly.

Adrian is getting dangerously close to the end of his years, and I want him to live to get his LTW (he is so close to it) as well as (hopefully) to see Amalthea again.


One day, he brings home Valerie from work, and APPARENTLY, even though they are not even friends yet (as you can see), he has CRAZY AMOUNTS OF CHEMISTRY with her.

Well, okay then. Why not?

Adrian: You want me to smooch her? Awesome!

So yeah, Adrian's got a ladyfriend, I guess.

...or maybe no more guessing necessary?

Gracie got glitched out of nowhere and ended up taking a shower with Emilia.

Vasyl (who hasn't really done much except wander about weeping since his wife's death) randomly rolled the fear to fall out of love with Amalthea. D: D: D: D: D:

Awww, Grace is singing with Adrian. Adorable.

Grace also likes to pick fights with wolves. She's a feisty little thing.

More life-renewals!

Grief is still running rampant through the house (and no, these two did not just Woohoo, Vasyl just woke up and Emilia rolls the want to wear underwear every few minutes).

Emilia also rolled the want to flirt with Vasyl. He was oddly receptive for a family sim, but I guess since he's technically currently single...

Ooh, drama.

Vasyl then family-kissed her autonomously, which I'm not sure how to feel about. On one hand, it could be like "Hey, we're family". On the other hand, it could be just kind of creepy, like he's using it as a way of kissing her even THOUGH they're kind of family. Either way, Emilia was pleased.
Fun fact? I can't direct him to family kiss her.
ETA: Definitely just noticed (weeks after taking this shot) that he's thinking about Amalthea being dead WHILE autonomously kissing her sister. I don't even know WHAT to think.

Other than weeping and hanging around Emilia, Vasyl pours his emotion into painting.

Apparently this is what he draws. Perhaps grief has stunted his ability.

...then he gets demoted.

This poor guy's life is a mess D:

He starts rolling wants to have a baby, and still fears falling out of love with Amalthea, but now also fears breaking up with her and being caught cheating (FEELING A LITTLE GUILT, ARE WE?).

At this point in time, it's been days and days and days (I only showed two of the maybe four or five times Adrian hit up the life extending stuff), and Emilia still hasn't been able to get a job in the Paranormal career.

So what happens now?

I call in the cavalry.

Yeah, that's right.

Izabela's moving in! I played the spare's house in Legacyville waiting for her to get a paranormal job, and FINALLY she got one.

Adrian apparently is so excited, he pees on the floor. He and Grace are pretty similar, I guess.
Izabela: What am I getting myself into?

Izabela: Maybe try for the toilet next time, Dad?
Adrian: I'm so glad she's moving in.

Meanwhile, Emilia and Vasyl are still spending most of their time together.

Though in Vasyl's defense, he refuses most of Emilia's more romantic advances.

Much to Emilia's anger/disappointment.

Looks like she feels kind of sheepish about that refused make-out.

Then she starts rolling wants to buy Love Potion.

He's still at it.

Emilia: Hey Vasyl, how do you like my pajamas?
Vasyl: Oh, I like them, for sure.
(flirt flirt flirt)

Emilia: wtf?

Emilia: I so want to kiss him.
Vasyl: Maybe if she didn't smell so foul.

Later that evening...
Vasyl: Oh, Emilia, let me rub your shoulders, you look so tense!

I don't even know, guys, I don't even know.

Another line-up of the family band.

In which Izabela proves she is still not the brightest crayon in the box:

While writing in her journal, she suddenly FREAKS OUT that Emilia might read her Super Secret Thoughts.

Meanwhile, Emilia is across the house playing the heck out of the drums.

To further illustrate, here is an arial view of the house showing just how far away from each other they are.

At least this time there is a remote chance Vasyl could read what she's writing.

Speaking of what she's writing, let's have a look into Izabela's inner thoughts:

Dear Diary,

Today I watched TV.

Then I played chess with my dad!

He won. I think it is because he reads so many books.

I read a book once about a gnome. It really scared me!

Love, Izabela

Old habits die hard.

Vasyl just loves rubbing Emilia's shoulders. I'm so sure he's just worried about her muscular health.

Adrian brings another hot lady home from work. No smooching this time, just chess.

Grace still likes to pick fights. She positively TERRIFIES Suzie Alioto the mailcarrier every time she shows up to bring the mail.

She gets some kibble of life because I love her so.

Then, one fine, fine day, Izabela returns from work...

...and with a promotion to Medium. And you know what that means?

It's time to do some resurrecting!
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