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Johannes Legacy: Generation 3.1

Hey guys! People are being pretty supportive of this legacy, which is great and I feel so loved! I'm trying to update about once a week so that I can (hopefully) get a good back-up supply running so I can keep updating during school (I don't have a lot of time to play once classes start).

Anyway, on to your regularly scheduled (sorta) update!

Previously: Amalthea's death continued to shake the household, Emilia and Izabela both moved back to the legacy house in an attempt to resurrect their sister, Adrian brought home not one, but two! hot ladies from work, and Vasyl's life generally sucked other than the backrubs and family kisses he apparently really enjoys giving his dead wife's sister (oh lawd). In the final moments of last update, Izabela was promoted to Medium, bringing the long-awaited Resurrect-o-Nomitron to the Johannes house.

So here it is! At long last, there may be hope that Generation Three can start.

The family gathers around for the big moment.
Izabela: I'm so happy Vasyl's going to bring my sister back!

(Just for the record, Vasyl's want to have a baby and fear of falling out of love have been pretty static since Amalthea's death, regardless of my having locked the want to resurrect her)

Anyway, Vasyl makes the call, and...

Amalthea's back!

Amalthea: Well, look at that, I'm alive again!

Vasyl: My wife is just as hot as the day she died!

This is just some staged reunion photos because I was so excited to have my girl back and I am a sentimental type:

So everyone's happy! Hooray! My legacy can go on!

Amalthea meets Grace for the first time.

Then she gets back into her old life of playing guitar...

...utilizing her maxed out cooking skills...

...AND FINALLY HAVIN' THOSE BABIES. Seriously, longest wait ever, right?
(this was intentionally a "missed" shot, in keeping with the previous snaps of Amalthea's pregnancy)

Why the surprise, eh?

Because Amalthea had TWINS! In order of appearance, they are Klara and Daryna.
Confession time: I usually use the triplets/quads hack, but she was having game-decided twins. Rare enough that I decided not to randomize.

Regardless of the fact that her sister is alive again, Emilia continues her advances toward Vasyl.

He still doesn't reciprocate.

Really, they should be more careful, since as the above scene was taking place, just outside of the room Amalthea was taking Klara to the nursery.

Vasyl: That tramp! I am a happily married father!

>:O Again!?

It's birthday time for the twins! (went fast, eh?)

Apparently Marcos and Sebastian aren't as excited about Amalthea's return as the rest of the family.

Here's Daryna, looking...rather like an old man, really.

And Klara!

They got different hairdos but I forgot to take pictures. Oh well! You'll see them anyway.

Oh, the little darlings. Guess where they're both off to!

Yep. To play in the clogged toilet. A whole nursery full of toys, and they want to play in the toilet.

I've forgotten why I took this, so maybe it's just an obligatory "the twins learn to talk and stuff" photo.

The house was getting a little cramped, so Izabela moved back to Legacyville. Bye Izabela! Thanks for the career reward!

So here is what I have ascertained about the twins so far:

Klara is calm and quiet and generally rather angelic.

She also really likes the talking bunny.

Daryna is probably an evil genius. I think she may be plotting something.

Amalthea: So now that I'm alive, how about we put that to good use?

He agreed.

Amalthea: Did you hear something?
Vasyl: It was probably just the wind...(zzz).
Actually, Amalthea, it was the sound of MORE GENERATION THREE ON THE WAY.

And uh, then I noticed this when I checked the pregnancy stats. I also checked the neighborhood/NPCs and stuff, to see who Stephan Arlecchino was, since Amalthea didn't know him and definitely had not woohoo'd him. Turns out, he doesn't appear to exist. Thank you, Insimenator, for letting me change the father back to Vasyl. Things could have gotten VERY daytime TV in here.

This one also had a point. Probably about Adrian taking forever in the bathroom.

Suzie the Mailcarrier: Hello doggy! You're a nice doggy! Yes you are!
Rocket: Woof, woof, I like being petted.
Grace: You got me this time, Alioto, but just you wait. Just. You. Wait.

Adrian's Hot Lady Friend #2 (whose name is actually Circe) comes over again.

This time, there is some smoochin'.

And yep, Amalthea's pregnant again.

I'm not really sure why Adrian is dreaming about Emilia's college girlfriend-fling-thing. Maybe he wants Bailey to be Hot Lady Friend #3?

I think all Emilia does is play drums now. And occasionally try to kiss Vasyl.

As a result of the constant drum playing (read: constant tapping noises that about drove me up a wall), they got a bass instead.

Whatcha doing, Klara?

Klara: Wanna go downstairs!

And why's that, kiddo?

Klara: Wanna eat the doggy foods :D :D

Circe was there for EVER.

Amalthea's first day back to work and she wins 25,000 simoleons when she beat Pierre LeFromage in Steel Chef. That's my girl!


Take a bubble bath, apparently.

Yet another picture where I'm not really sure what the purpose is. Sorry, guys. Enjoy looking at Grace sleeping in her dirty bed!

Amalthea: What's wrong Daryna?
Daryna: Wanna bottle!

Amalthea: Okay baby, I'll bring you a bottle.
Daryna: Yay bottle!

The face Daryna made after all that gives me the sense that her apparently simple request may just be a diversion tactic. Again I say, possibly an evil genius in the making.

Until next time!
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