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Johannes Legacy: Generation 3.3

Amalthea: How many times do I have to tell you, STOP FLUSHING THE TOILET WHEN I'M IN THE SHOWER! (lecture lecture)
Vasyl:'re pretty?

Emilia gets saddled with teaching Dmytro to talk. She looks...pleased.

I think this was to show that Klara slept through school. I can't remember, though D:

Time for a game! Wheeeeeeere's Emilia?!

















If you guessed "Fishing from within the energizer", you win 10,000 Simoleons!

Emilia: Gosh, wasn't it great when Dad died and left us lots of money?
Vasyl: (hangs on her every word)
Klara: Mom, does she really think it's good that Grandpa died?
Amalthea: Isn't it past your bedtime, sweetie?

Wooo, Dmytro can use the potty on his own!

Wooooo, Dmytro can walk!

Daryna: Aunt Emilia, why are you still living here? Isn't it uncool to live with your sister's family in the ancestral home? Don't you hate telling your hooke-um, back-up dancer friends that?
Emilia: (Punk.)

Amalthea: I love jumping on the couch! Wooo! This is GREEEEAAAT!
Emilia: Please, I'm trying to study! I have to get better at mechanics so I can get promoted and your daughters won't think I'm a lady of the night!

Amalthea: I wanna adopt a baby!

Well...not just any baby.

A cute little furry feline baby named Olive. Hi Olive!
It's great, I haven't had pets in Sims in so long and this legacy is totally getting me back into them.

Amalthea seems pleased enough.

Olive's kind of glitchy, but how cute is that?

And that. Awwww.

Olive: Cat! I am a kitty-cat! And I dance-dance-dance, and I dance-dance-dance!
Really. Olive is downright glitchtastic.

And sometimes I find her doing things like staring at the fridge.

Birthday time for Dmytro!

Still has a bit of a fivehead.

But even so, he's pretty cute.

And the three siblings get along! Always a plus.

A wholesome family portrait.

Daryna: You may THINK we're the same age now, but I am still older and smarter and more powerful than you will EVER be.

Amalthea: Sis, I'm so glad we're best friends.
Emilia: Thank goodness she didn't see me try to make out with her husband a minute ago.
Vasyl: I'm going to be real quiet and stare at the floor for awhile, doop de doo.

in background:
Daryna: To truly illustrate just why you should fear crossing me, I once bested the MIGHTY LADYBUG.
Dmytro: (is impressed)

So the house has now gone through enough transformations that I'm actually happy with it, so here's the grand tour!
This is the outside, of course.

Second Floor.

First floor.


The end!

Vasyl harvests the first crops of this legacy (and probably most other ones as well): bland tomatoes! Mmm.

Klara is really excited to get this aging up show on the road.

Daryna eventually makes her way over as well, but is slower (probably because last time she did this she ended up peeing on the floor and transitioning badly. Can you really blame her for putting it off?).

One last look at them as fresh-faced little kids...

Then Daryna does a weird neck thing.

And here's Klara!

She's super cute.

Daryna: Yes! No accidents this time! And I got to grow up as a well-adjusted teen!

Daryna is also quite darling.

...and angry, apparently.

We've got a third birthday to celebrate! Vasyl!

Elder Vasyl will look much less creepy with white hair.

Here's a made-over Klara:

Klara Johannes
Pleasure, 50 First Dates
Sloppy/Neat 5
Outgoing 9
Active 9
Serious 3
Nice 7

And Daryna:

Daryna Johannes
Family, Have 6 Grandchildren
Neat 10
Outgoing 10
Lazy 3
Serious 3
Nice 2

Amalthea also got a new hairdo, since her kiddos are all growing up and it seemed like the time to change to something other than what she'd had in college. Also, first heir portrait! (I forgot one for Ev. Whoops).

And lastly, Emilia's new look. She is a classy broad now.

Srsly. She finally got promoted and look how gorgeous she is when she goes to work.

Toilet explosion!

Oh no, she IS channelling Izabela in the brains department, isn't she? (it was winter).

Klara: Hugs, baby brother?
Dmytro: No way, I might catch the stupid!

Amalthea: It's so nice how we are all such good friends!
Vasyl: (I can't believe she hasn't noticed her sister putting the moves on me.)

Emilia fishes all the time now.

And Dmytro is rivaling Sebastian for Best Age Transition Outfit (he got to keep this one).

I caught this picture just a second too late--Emilia and Gunnar (you remember Gunnar, right?) are no longer in love! Break up! OMG.

Family: (smustles)
Vasyl: (smustles extra-fierce)
Olive: Humans are weird.

Dmytro is so much the forgotten youngest child that he turns to the insect world to try to make friends.

...I have no idea.

These two are still at it. Aawwww.


And finally, it's time for Olive to grow up!

She looks exactly the same but with green eyes. How exciting!
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