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Johannes Legacy: 3.5

Upon arriving to the dorm, Klara goes straight for the arcade games.

New Looks for College:


Klara (I toned down the PINKPINKPINK she transitioned in, but she seemed like a pink-wearing kind of girl).


And now, the Dormies:




Blondie just really doesn't know, guys.

Day One of College: Here are Daryna's wants and moods at the time she needs to leave for class. What does she do?

Angrily lounges. Daryna is above education or something.

Such family sims, these two. (fact: Dmytro, throughout his college life, continuously rolled wants to call his parents or play with Olive.)

In celebration of their new freedoms as Young Adults, the Johannes children take a little trip downtown to scope out dates. Dmytro does not fare so well with this girl.

Then this girl shows up. (I came across her when Evangeline was looking for spouses. I thought I had a picture, but apparently not.) The long and short of it: regardless of Dmytro's boring factor (which is high), I might have to cave and make him heir if they get along.

Things look good at first, but I guess nothing really came of it because there are no pictures of her after this. Just as well, since I don't think I could have standed Dmytro as heir. Seriously, boring.

That said, it's down to the twins in the heiress race.


Daryna's the first to go to the Matchmaker, since downtown was lame.

Daryna pays her lots of money and gets Bert Hook, aka Sandwich Thief, aka one of my sister's playables (unusable).

He also is so not into Daryna. What heck, Matchmaker.

Apparently he's down eventually, though.
(Please note Klara in the background about to lay the smackdown on her sister.)

They still hate each other, by the way.

See, here's Daryna's angry face.

She's really quite attractive when she's not scowling.

But wait...maybe there's hope!

Klara's really into her videogames.

Still into beating up her sister, too. (Doesn't she have 7 nice points? WTF? This really must be the work of her in-utero visit to the land of the dead.)

Klara also likes this guy.

...hey look, pancakes? (I have even less of an idea why this picture exists than I do most other ones.)

Trying the matchmaker, round 2!

Hello. (I'm pretty sure he got vetoed on the basis that he has some wacky features going on.)

This guy is a walkby right as the date ends. He is unselectable and disappears. Daryna goes downtown instead.

...Love at first sight? You probably won't recognize him (and I'm not sure he's ever featured around here before), but that's Louis Stringer, one of Emilia's former dormmates who managed to resist her feminine wiles.

Daryna: I'm really attractive! Do you love me?
Louis: Yes, yes I do.

Louis: But you'd look a lot hotter with black hair.


They're out allll night, and Daryna's hair-color change definitely isn't doing any harm.



Louis: Nice...shirt.
I really wonder if that animation is coincidence or if it's somehow programmed.

Louis moves into the dorm, because I like to get things going.

I told you, I like to keep things moving. Romeo and Juliet, with their four day courtship? Daryna and Louis make those two look like they waited 20 years.

Louis accepts, of course.

Daryna celebrates by kicking the crap out of her sister.

Klara: So I see you've been smooching my sister lately?

Klara: You do know that I can totally take her down, right?

O helo made-over Louis.

Louis: I can't wait to graduate!

Louis: Then I can be a construction worker, like I've always dreamed!

Klara: want to get a degree and make cities?

Louis: Exactly! Ramble ramble city planning ramble architecture...
Klara: Wow, he's boring.

Daryna's 3-nice points cause her to make hilarious faces when she gooses Louis (heh, rhyme).

Srsly. It's that evil genius streak coming out again.

Louis: I knew this girl once...

Louis: Dear LJ: My girlfriend is super pretty and I love her but I think she needs to chill out sometimes. Know what I mean? Hearts! Louis.

Meanwhile, Klara and her beau are making out...

...and falling out of crush for no apparent reason.

Klara: It's okay, really! I liked making out with you!
Dormie: But I suck D: D:

Professor: You are SUCH a hottie!

Klara: Well, if Tracksuit doesn't stop being so emo...

Louis: (Oh god, not Dmytro, ugh.)
Dmytro: Hi Louis, watcha painting? You know I learned how to talk one time, back in the day...

Louis: Maybe if I just start painting he'll go away...
Dmytro: But my hot aunt taught me! Don't you want to hear about my hot aunt?

(little does Dmytro know, Louis once rejected his hot aunt.)

Tracksuit: Gosh, she's swell.

Klara: I'm really glad we go to school together!

Tracksuit: That girl smells bad, I hate her! minusminusminus

He needs to pick one and stick with it, geez.

Tracksuit: (ignores)

Tracksuit: (ignores)



What's this?

What's THIS?


Klara: You know, sis, you're really smart. Maybe you can help me with my schoolwork so I can make Dean's List!
Daryna: Yeah! That might be nice!

Klara: And in return, I won't beat you up anymore! Ha ha! That was so funny, you lost so many fights!
Daryna: ...

That's it guys--you've witnessed the end of Daryna and Klara's hatred. Awesome!

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