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Johannes Legacy: Generation 3.6


Only for a month or so, really. I just finished with finals, so I have a while in which I can get this legacy started up again! This update is from literally months ago (September or earlier), so with any luck I can still remember what I was talking about. Hah. Also, this generation and the next are sort of really boring me so if things don't pick up, I might force some aging.

Also, my belated apology for the wonky captions last update. I thought they were all fixed, apparently I was wrong.

Klara: I hate this! I smell bad! I want to play games!
Tracksuit: Ha ha, what a mess!

Tracksuit: Get awaaaay from me, you smell! Ha ha!

Tracksuit: I loove you.

Tracksuit: Buuhhh looooveeeee.

Hopefully that is an improvement.

Meanwhile, Daryna and Louis prove that they are still the most wholesome sims couple ever.

These two, not so much.

I just give up on Dmytro. Boring AND stupid. Awesome.

Daryna: Hugs?
Klara: Step off!

I only just noticed how hilarious the characters in the video game are.

Well, Louis, looks like you'll be a good fit with the Johannes family.

Well, finally.

Cow: You know, I once jumped over the moon.
Dmytro: WOW, really?!

Dmytro: Was it a long trip? Did you have to pack an overnight bag?
Cow: Wait, are you serious?

Dmytro: D:

Tracksuit: Guys? Why don't you want to sit with me? There's room at this table.

Tracksuit: Guys?

I might have had a picture of this before, but this is a frequent occurence.

Klara: I have to tell you the HOTTEST GOSSIP. This one time, my aunt Emilia...

Klara:...was rejected when she tried to make out with...

Klara: dad!
Tracksuit: OMG.

What Louis and Daryna do with the lounge couches.

What Klara and Tracksuit do with the lounge couches.

Apparently he was in a happy place and accepted, rather than pushing her away and no longer having a crush for some reason.


Dmytro's kind of cute but also kind of reminds me of a small dog.

And now an interlude called "What Klara Thinks About".

Her childhood nanny.

Random guy she hasn't met #1.

Random guy she hasn't met #2.

Emilia, who has probably made out with all three of the above.

Random guy she hasn't met #3.

Random guy she hasn't met #4.

The gym coach.

Deep thoughts, kiddo.

So as soon as I truly decide that I want Daryna as my heiress, she hops on the treadmill and THIS happens.

Followed by this.

...and this.

Then good ol' Louis FAILS.

And we are left with this. THIS BETTER NOT BE A CONSTANT THEME.

Klara is depressed and smelly.

Louis loses it.

Daryna's dormie replacement is unsympathetic.

Cute, but unsympathetic.

Poor guy :(


These two head out to Legacyville to join the rest of the spares.

Louis grows up badly and into a farmer outfit.

Luckily after the whole Amalthea Debacle, the Johannes already have a Necro-phone, so Louis can just call up Grimmy and ask for his fiancee back. Unfortunately, he could not get her back. I think it's because she died in university.

So he calls up Aislin (the Johannes University House's placeholder) and gifts her with the Necro-phone.

She moves back to the Academie Le Tour neighborhood and gets a new hairdo.

Then, amidst a quite pleasant scene, picks up the phone.

After all kinds of glitching and stupidness, I get Daryna back!

A fond embrace...

More gossip about Emilia...

And Daryna heads home!

At which point, she gets married to Louis.

Some random teen shows up for free cake.


So what does the newly married-and-devirginized Daryna do now?

Heads down to drink champagne with Emilia. Somehow this is fitting.


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